Climate emergency – Finding Petunia LittleTree

“Finding Petunia LittleTree”, is a humorous, yet bittersweet, physical theatre and dance solo, which explores emotional responses to the climate emergency through a compassionate lens, asking how can we live with what we know, with humour, dark undertones and all? Petunia’s reactions to the climate crisis and her internal conflicts emerge as she explores relationships with plastic rubbish, the tree’s personal history of fire and deforestation, and humans’ interdependence with nature. It is appropriate for audiences from 9-90+.

A moderated post show discussion will follow the performance, inviting the audience to reflect on, discuss and energise our own options and choices within the climate drama.

The piece premiered at the Findhorn Bay Festival 2022, and its creation was supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Open Fund. Sharon  has choreographed and performed across Scotland and internationally in a variety of professional, higher education and community contexts, with both able-bodied and disabled performers.

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