Sunday Forums

Every month, usually on the second Sunday, we gather from 11:45 – 12:30 for a forum, involving a short talk and discussion, that helps us connect our faith with the whole of life.  We might be reflecting on the challenges of a social issue, the spirituality of a poet or composer, the mysteries of science or philosophy, the joys of bee-keeping or horse-whispering… whatever fires our imagination and gets us thinking in new ways.

Open to all, join us for coffee at 11.15, before the forum starts at 11.45.

Previous topics

Sunday 23rd June‘New light on old Archaeology – current excavations at Columba’s Iona, focusing on the recent discovery of Columba’s actual personal study cell, as described in the ancient sources’
Led by Peter Yeoman, eminent Scottish archaeologist

Sunday 20th January‘Finding our church’s history in the National Archives and in the Tower Room’
Church records can be scattered around and lost. Fortunately our own records that are not still with us are mainly in one place and are accessible. This talk will explain what is available and how to get at it.

Sunday 14th October‘How to help a horse’
This forum will be led by Felicity George, and will emphasise that animals need care for their mental as well as their physical well-being. There are parallels as to how we can help people too!

Sunday 18th November (3rd Sunday)‘Streetwork : enabling a life off the streets’
Streetwork is a remarkable charity who reach out and respond to people facing or experiencing homelessness.  With Rhona Henderson.

Sunday 9th December‘Getting up to date with Fair Trade’
Facing the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly important and complex subject. With Rachel Farey from the One World Shop.