Ecology and Environment

In recent years the plight of our Planet Earth has become one of the most relevant issues for the world-wide Church to be engaged in. For us, it would not be possible to retain our integrity without applying Green theology.

Because worship is our central spiritual practice, each Autumn we engage in “Creationtide”. In 2019 this took the theme “Places of enchantment”culminating in a City-centre Harvest Festival of giving thanks for culture, sea and shore, hills, society, gardens and beauty.

Our Social Responsibility Group takes the lead on our eco-work. In 2017 we were awarded Eco-Congregations Scotland’s Silver Award as recognition of our spiritual and practical efforts to be green, including opening up our garden as a quiet space, recycling, many worshippers sharing cars, taking the bus or cycling.

In Spring 2019, the Church with its partners Greyfriars and Augustine United hosted a Science and Faith Day when Mike Berners-Lee inspired us to take forward our eco-action  along the lines set out in his books “There is no Planet B” and “How bad are bananas?” During the pandemic we hosted a series of wide-ranging webinars on the theme of Climate Change, from a range of different disciples, led b expert speakers in their field.

The Vestry and indeed the whole church community is still eager to embed more eco-awareness into our lives, perhaps investing in non-fossil fuel technology, measuring our individual carbon footprints and always finding new ways of improving our shopping habits.