Ecumenical Partnership

At a service in Greyfriars kirkyard at Pentecost 2002 the congregations of our three churches of Greyfriars Kirk (Church of Scotland), St. Columba’s by the Castle (Scottish Episcopal Church) and Augustine United Church (United Reformed Church) signed a covenant committing ourselves to worship and study together as we work to establish a united, positive, progressive Christian presence in the centre of Edinburgh.

We are members of Edinburgh Churches Together and Action of Churches Together in Scotland, and in 2006 we were recognized as a Local Ecumenical Partnership by the Scottish Churches National Sponsoring Body, under the name The Local Church. Joint services and activities take place in Holy Week and throughout the year. A Steering Group meets regularly to foster communication and collaboration among our three churches and to plan shared activities and projects. Representatives from each of the three churches serve on the Steering Group, along with representatives of the Grassmarket Mission and the Mental Health Chaplaincy.