Our Objectives

1. Working towards a Gold Eco-Congregation award

Including things such as:

Evaluating our church’s carbon footprint and taking steps to reduce it by:

  • exploring the possibility of installing solar panels or an equivalent investment in green technology elsewhere
  • helping members to evaluate and reduce their own carbon footprint
  • linking with other churches, faiths or organisations to share ideas
  • moving to green energy suppliers when the contracts are up for renewal

Developing our science and faith events with an environmental focus

Further enhancing our Quiet Garden

2. Opening up the Church

Including things such as:

  • Completing and Installing the exhibition “Immrama – Columba’s Journey, Our Story”.
  • Having the church open throughout the year, including with volunteers where possible
  • Hosting more art and music events

3. Developing our community life

Including things such as:

  • Strengthening our congregational group system, in mutual support and activity
  • Holding a weekend away in alternate years (alternating with our week on Iona)
  • Encouraging and involving our young people as much as possible

4. Engaging with the wider world

Including things such as:

  • Providing free or cheap space for groups working with marginalised people
  • Maintaining our current commitments to the Ecumenical Partnership, Grassmarket Community Project, Bethany Night Shelter, Castle Cliff and Grassmarket residents.
  • Increasing our visibility and activism on LGBT+ issues

5. Improving our building

Including things such as:

  • Improving the doors into the nave
  • Creating gender neutral toilets
  • Completing the kitchen refurbishment